Boland // Mayraki // Jazz Money

"Boland has displayed both a breathlessly brainy rhyming style that mixes bravado and autobiographical vulnerability in equal measure and impressive taste in production (usually supplied by right-hand man NAWMS) that nestles somewhere between crusty ’90s moodiness of the Nas/Mobb Deep/RZA variety and the gauzy headspaces of present-day Toronto hip hop and R&B. " - TORONTO STAR/Ben Rayner

"The people I truly came to see were Mayraki. As soon as they had their gear set up, there was a definite change in energy in the room. I’ve seen them twice before, and they always throw a party wherever they go. Their music has obvious roots in soul, funk, and the blues with jazz flavoring drizzled all over it all and a classic hip hop, “you can’t **** with us but we aren’t here to fight, let’s party!” attitude that makes any sane individual want to jump around and cut loose. " - A Mayraki fan

It's been a big year for Jazz Money: In 2017 they released the ACID JAZZ EP with rising Toronto MC DillanPonders, and performed at the Toronto Jazz Festival. They sold out legendary Toronto venue The Rex with a 4-MC Hip-Hop show that drew rave reviews. They recorded their first EP "Jazz Money Presents Jazz Money" at Dream House Studios in May 2013.



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