In a contemporary independent music scene inundated with up and coming bands, it takes a unique outfit to break through that noise. A truly exceptional group must exhibit authenticity, raw talent, and electrifying chemistry. This, of course, means there are very few of them. Motherfolk, formed in 2013, is certainly one of those most unique and dynamic acts.

Motherfolk began as a collaborative effort between Nathan Dickerson and Bobby Paver, two college friends with a penchant for writing songs with one another. In the first year of the project, the two songwriters made frequent trips to Nashville to record their first endeavor. In 2014, their eponymous debut album showcased the duo’s musical prowess through a genre-bending collection of elegantly crafted songs.

Since then, Joel Call, Ethan Wescott, Karlie Dickerson, and Clayton Allender have joined Motherfolk’s ranks, and the band has made a name for themselves touring all across the nation. The outfit’s high-energy live performances have won over audiences from coast to coast, and their infectious musical persona has become one of the most exciting rising success stories in the indie scene.

In 2016, Motherfolk released their highly anticipated sophomore effort, Fold. Clocking in with eleven compelling tracks, the album further defines the band as an act that effortlessly melds a slew of influences together to manifest their sound into a splendidly cohesive, original pursuit. From surreal, introspective jaunts to foot-stomping, anthemic rock and roll, Fold stood as tall as one of the most exciting records of 2016 and 2017.
“Motherfolk finds its way through a blend of genres by holding tight to their raw talents.” – Billboard

“[M]emorable, hauntingly gorgeous…the band has never been stronger.” — Ghettoblaster

Building on the strength of their radio, press, and touring campaign in 2017, Motherfolk will continue to play dates around the US before hitting the studio to work on what’s to come in 2018!

Ryan M. Brewer

Ryan M. Brewer is a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana. A relentless performer, Brewer has toured the nation from NYC to LA...from Milwaukee to Austin and continues to do so regularly.

A singer/songwriter by trade, Ryan is more accurately described as a musical storyteller. Having always placed the primary importance on lyricism, his music tends to float effortlessly between genres...each individual song falls precisely where it needs to in order to most accurately tell the story. Drawing influence in everything from John Mayer to Rod Stewart, from Mumford and Sons to Pete're likely to hear just about any genre pop up in a Ryan M. Brewer tune. Brewer's vocal range is impressive, his song structure is challenging, and his guitar work is intricate.

Ryan's solo debut album, self-titled and self-released in February '12, has been well-recieved by fans and critics alike. The first single from the album, called "Strings", won the Promoter's Choice Award at the 2013 Bloomingtunes Songwriter Contest.

Ryan's follow-up album, called Trails, was released 7/26/14 at Speak Easy in Indianapolis, IN to rave reviews.

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