At the age of 13, Trevor Merrow was a new student at Joseph Badger High School. It was there that he met guitarists Shane Munnell and Tyler Jenkins. To make a long story short, the 3 would play music at every opportunity that presented itself. Jenkins and Merrow would later form a band together, during their senior year of high shool. Meanwhile Munnell was also involved with his own vital role in the band "The Youngstonians". In 2008, Merrow and Jenkins went their seperate ways. Merrow put down the bass, and moved to Cleveland to seek the life of a family man.

Jenkins and Munnell however, were far from ready to give up on their musical talents. Munnell who had resigned from his position with the Youngstonians knew of Jenkins' potential, and wasnt about to let it go to waste. The two of them combined forces, with the addition of Gary Jenkins(bass) to form The Tyler Jenkins Trio. The Trio continue to sell out wineries and local bars for years, and still play to this day.
In 2012, Merrow returned home from Cleveland. And he was determined to start playing music again. The first opportunity that presented itself was playing at a church for hundreds of people. It was there that he met drummer Dante DiLorenzo. The two always thru around the idea of getting together to jam outside of the church, but it wasnt until 2016 when Merrow reunited with Jenkins and Munnell, that Plinko finally came together.

The idea was to casually get together, have some drinks, and improv jam. But when the band realized the potential they had, they started to take their bond more seriously.
After 1 very successful show, Dante was blessed with a newborn baby girl, and shifted his interests towards being a father and a business owner. Plinko and Dante mutually agreed to part ways, and remain great friends to this day.
Drew Siracki auditioned for the band in July of 2017, and after only one practice, became a permanent member.

Acrylic Grooves

Acrylic Grooves is a rising rock band from the Athens, Ohio area that formed in early 2016. They deliver intense jams that hold diverse energies and electrifying styles. Anywhere from playing jazz, rock n' roll, Blues Soul and especially funk. Acrylic Grooves evolve jams that flow through the whole color spectrum. Formulating a style everyone can rally around to make a musical family. Lineup consists of Brandon Smail on Guitar/Vocals, Kurt Mehler on Bass, Jordon Smail on Drums/Vocals, Tyler Summers on Hand Percussion/Vocals and Justin Dowler on Guitar/Vocals

The Intangibles

SOMETIMES SEXY. SOMETIMES EERIE, ALWAYS SHOCKING. The Intangibles bring sweaty, original Rock n' Roll to the Ohio music scene and beyond. Originating in Massillon, Ohio in 2013, the uniqueness of their sound can only be matched by the intensity of their stage performance. Front-man Charlie 6er delivers an emotional performance through his zombie-Hendrix guitar style, thought-provoking lyrics, flute and dance. The "never know what hell you're going to get" drumming style of K.J. Herring drives the metal induced, funk grooves of bassist Blake Oaks and the enchanting melodies of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Aaron Perez-Strohmeyer. The Intangibles are untouchable, though intensely felt.

The band released their first full-length album (Self-Titled) in 2014, which was described by William Trehaus of Seedy Magazine as "a thoroughly cohesive record that takes the listener into uncharted auditory areas...Metal mingles with hip-hop, indie pop envelopes experimental, lo-fi fights with psychedelia tangled up in noise." (July 2014 Seedy V1I2) The album has been compared to such contradicting artists as Death from Above 1979, Chuck Berry and Pink Floyd, truly revealing the band's large range of appeal. With softer tracks such as "Insurance Fraud" and "Swisher Sweets," the album reveals "a string of interesting, thought-provoking songs with structures that challenge the listener." (Seedy) With a very spaced out vocal delivery, that is even at times simultaneously desperate and joyous, mixed with such swinging experiments in genre, The Intangibles first LP is strangely contemporary.

Contributing Artists:
Johnny Haubdog - Bass
Zak Keith - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Saxual Rob - Saxophone
Michael Bastas - Vocals, Piano, keys
Sandra Emmeline - Vocals, Piano, Keys (of Akron's SANCAT)

Blaak Mvatter

Band based out of North East Ohio. Let's see what happens when you mix Trap/Electronic, guitar, and saxophone.


Nick and Chris were members of Cleveland ska/punk legends the Glow Pop Jiggly Jams- after the Glow Pop's disbandment, they started personsplacesthings. Initially writing and playing emo tunes, they put out two EP's and played the Cleveland scene consistently for two years.

After a short hiatus, personsplacesthings resumed their quest, with newly recruited Jake Grahn (formerly of defunct Kent-based band Sumpin' Sweet) on bass, with a new blues twist, but the same driving spirit and even bigger goals.

Fan favorites like "I Want Love" and "Asking for a Friend" aim to catch your ear with their classic sound and careful meanings; songs like "A Patch of Asphalt Among Concrete" take you somewhere with their inspired songwriting and emotional builds. personsplacesthings has a special place in the hearts of their fans - their goal is to put themselves in front of as many people as possible.



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