Pearl And The Oysters

Pearl And The Oysters

Pearl & The Oysters is what happens when Joachim Polack and Juliette ‘Pearl’ Davis record music together.

The main idea behind this band ‘emerged’ on a hot Summer day in an offshore pirate radio station in the Mediterranean, as the two of them realized they had just written a song with an absurd amount of underwater-related puns. The final concept for Pearl & The Oysters was cemented in Florida, where Joachim settled in 2015.

It is said that Pearl, daughter of French percussionist Jean-Michel Davis and certified electro-mechanic mermaid-tail builder, literally sang herself out of the womb (any resemblance with Marc Bolan’s lyric is fortuitous). She has since been featured as a singer and horn player in as many future French rarities, and currently handles much of the on-stage electronics with the Oysters.

Joachim Polack has been a student of music ever since he was approximately 7 yo. Initially a precocious neo-romantic violin devil-virtuoso, then a bassist, he became a de facto multi-instrumentalist around the time when he got his first laptop at age 19. For a while, he studied harmony and baroque counterpoint in the conservatory in Paris (where he also took Ondes Martenot lessons), though always with the idea of incorporating those influences to an idiosyncratic pop idiom. He’s currently writing a manifesto about it; he’s stuck at page 3.



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