Elvis Hitler

Elvis Hitler has been brutalizing psychobilly and punk audiences since 1987. The band includes singer/guitarist Speedy Jim Leedy, guitarist John Defever, bassist Jimmy Taylor and drummer Geno One-more. 2017 is the 30th anniversary of the band's first album, "Disgraceland."

Black Static Eye

From the Cleveland underground comes a new band of veterans,calling themselves Black Static Eye,formed in march of 2017,they put together a loud,abrasive mix of blues, garage & post punk.,singer Fronted by Tom Dark (The Dark, Knifedance, Stepsister, Dead Federation) drummer Jeff Pell (Idiot Humans.Shadow of fear,Basket case, Garten Kirkhof, Dutch Babies) joined forces with guitarist Mike "shoobs" Schubert (Dead Federation,Nimrods,Missile Toe) & bassist Dave Olajos (Mexican coke)

Scoliosis Jones

Rockabilly/Appalachian punk band from CLE.

Ty Morgan: Vocals, Upright Bass
Tox Nemier: Guitar
Matt Novak: Drums

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