As one of the most celebrated producers and rappers of his generation of hip-hop artists, Black Milk has conditioned fans and critics to expect the unexpected with each release. Few producers have earned the notoriety and respect he has as a musician, and when that is coupled with commanding talent as an emcee, it's no surprise that his solo releases are met with exalted anticipation. His latest full-length rap release If There's A Hell Below continues Black's trend of releasing material that maintains his signature sound while pushing it into new territory.

With more than a decade of industry experience and a rich catalog of recordings, Black Milk has transitioned from one of hip-hop's young rising stars to a veteran with a uniquely well-rounded pedigree. After scoring his first production credit for Slum Village as a teenager in 2002, he eventually worked closely with the group and co-produced much of their two following albums. His self-released, full-length project Sound of the City (2005) led to his first record deal, and he began to gain international attention for the soul-sample driven style on his proper solo debut Popular Demand (2007). Five solo rap albums (Tronic, Album of the Year, No Poison No Paradise, Glitches In The Break, If There's A Hell Below), an instrumental album (Synth or Soul), numerous collaboration albums (Caltroit with Bishop Lamont, The Set Up with Fat Ray, Black and Brown with Danny Brown, Random Axe with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson and Burning Stones with Mel), and 2 singles with Jack White later, Black Milk remains one of hip-hop's most consistent artists.

Bringing his numerous recordings to life with live band Nat Turner, Black Milk has also been recognized as a genuine and poised performer, one of hip-hop and music's most acclaimed live acts.

The Royal Chief

Trailblazer - that’s what they call the Royal Chief. As an emerging rap artist, he has been re-defining words and style, bringing a renewed sense of “life” to hip hop.

Born in Kansas city, Missouri as Jamel Thompson to a single mother, the Chief is the youngest of six - two brothers on his mother’s side and another brother and twin sisters from his father. Growing up, his mother fostered his mind; she encouraged the Chief to read relentlessly and to experiment with his talents. This prompted a period where the Royal Chief began expressing himself by writing stories. His father was also hugely involved in his life, and the Royal Chief spent his tim with his dad playing sports - even being coached by him in the city’s RBI baseball league. The Royal Chief spent most of his early life in the urban areas of Kansas City. He and his mother moved to Dallas, Texas briefly before returning to Kansas City - to the suburbs - which provided an interesting contrast to his life before.

It has been widely believed among his family, friends and followers that the Royal Chief was a rising superstar - most people thought it was his affinity for sports that would put him there. But, at the age of 13, after attending a concert in which Kanye West performed, the Chief knew his path was in music and began rapping. Courtesy of his mother, he drew inspiration from R&B and soul. While his introduction to hip hop came from his father and brothers. His favorite rap artist were - Eminem, Tupac, Kanye West, and Ludacris. They all were a source of inspiration and helped form his style. Rap became a love and an outlet for him - a way to vent and document how he perceived the world. It was also an instrument for the Royal Chief to cope with the pain of losing both his older brother and God mother who had a hand in raising him.

The Royal Chief moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 where he has been diligently focus on his music. His first project “ Trial & Erorr” was released in May of 2015. He released his second project, a EP entitled “Dawn” in September of 2016.

Van Ghost

Van Ghost is a rapper/singer/producer from Columbia, MO

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