What better way to celebrate Halloween weekend than with...
..."Ezra Furman, from Chicago, has a unique place in the pop world. He’s the only cross-dressing, gender-fluid, bipolar observant Jew in the village. And you don’t have to belong to any of those groups to appreciate his music.
"Like David Bowie as he explored androgyny, Furman is an entertainer first, an evangelist second. When he broke through in 2015 with Perpetual Motion People, it wasn’t just because of the boom in identity politics: it was because his band, the Boy-Friends, made a lovable racket.
"The sound, with its crisp rhymes and singalong choruses, was actually quite conservative. It made for some enchanted evenings as Furman rocketed from 200-capacity bars to 2,000-seat theatres.
"This, his seventh album, is the first to be saddled with any pressure to succeed. Perpetual Motion People reached No 23 in Britain and its successor is expected to trouble the Top 10.
"But the minute you hear Transangelic Exodus, you know that won’t be a problem. Furman has risen to the challenge and delivered an album with more hooks than a gender-neutral changing room."
-- THE DAILY MAIL London.UK... 5 Star Review of Transangelic Exodus.

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Indie rock band based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Billy Moon is a band that currently operates outside/inside/kind-of general-area of Hamilton. Stop listening to bad music, and listen to ShittyRocknRoll. This show celebrates the release of their new LP.



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