Lavender Country

Lavender Country

In 1973, Patrick Haggerty recorded and released Lavender Country, a collection of gay radical country music. Though all of the records sold and the project was celebrated in a small portion of the gay community, Lavender Country proved too extreme for the music industry of the 70s and the project fizzled. 40 years later, independent record label Paradise of Bachelors reissued Lavender Country to rave reviews and a much more accepting public. Patrick and his music became the subject of an award winning short documentary, Cryin’ These C*cksuckin’ Tears, and Lavender Country went from being a lost obscurity to an underground legend.

Since 2014, Patrick has played shows all over the states, from New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between, spreading his revolutionary message of love and acceptance in the face of violence, hate and fascism. Lavender Country concerts incorporate powerful and touching stories from Patrick’s life – his upbringing in rural Washington, his expulsion from the Peace Corp for “deviant behavior”, life before and after Stonewall, and much more. From beginning to end, Lavender Country is one of the most dynamic and poignant shows of our time. You will laugh, cry, sing and dance to the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is Lavender Country!

In addition to creating Lavender Country, Patrick has lived a life full of activism and working class advocacy. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in community organization, intersectionality, socialism, the power and history of matriarchy, and radical thought. In the age of Trump and extreme American capitalism, Patrick Haggerty and his message of love, acceptance, and rebellion are more resonant than ever.

“[Patrick’s shows] bring together an audience of music fans both straight and gay who are prepared to fight for equality.” – Vice
“[Patrick Haggerty] is a pioneer” – The Boston Globe
“A true American Rebel” – The Chicago Reader
“As soulful as it is revolutionary” – The Quietus

Paisley Fields

Paisley Fields are a queer country band, unapologetic about pushing boundaries and seeking inspiration in the unexpected. Though lead singer James Wilson is inspired by country musicians like Dolly Parton and Gram Parsons, he wanted Paisley Fields' lyrics to reflect a modern world. Pittsburgh City Paper writes, "While Paisley Fields have a good bit in common with contemporary country — rich production, songs with pop bones and twangy accents — the band probably won't be touring with Toby Keith anytime soon. They're a refreshing change from country radio." Paisley Fields tour frequently, and their latest album, Oh These Urban Fences, is described by No Depression as "a labor of love that demands your attention.”

My Gay Banjo

My Gay Banjo performs songs of liberation and celebration, and has recorded four albums, including their most recent and most politically-charged “To The Wolves”. MGB is Owen Taylor (Philly, PA) and Julia Steele Allen (Brooklyn, NY).

My Gay Banjo is Owen Taylor and Julia Steele Allen on guitar, banjo, uke and vocals. Singing homespun gay-themed duets and occasional queered-up mash-ups, My Gay Banjo plays songs for you and your kind.

"My Gay Banjo... gives traditional country tracks a run for their money...and knows how to embrace pinkeyeshadow and mustaches. Win." -Logo/MTV
"Acoustic duo. Dual male/female vocals. Pop mash-up covers. A motherfucking banjo." -fyeahqueermusic

"This super-talented combo completely wowed us (and the packed crowd) with their gorgeous melodies and beautiful original songs. We can bet that you'll be hearing more about this duo." -Next Magazine

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