Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus is a brutal death metal band formed in 1991 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States.

Dying Fetus's music is a hybrid of death metal and grindcore, characterized by extremely fast blast beats, complex riffing and slow breakdowns. Lyrics-wise, the band dabbled in the usual gory death metal subject matter on their early albums, and respectfully covered "Born in a Casket," a song originally written by famous death metal band Cannibal Corpse. By 2000's Destroy the Opposition, however, they shifted towards politically driven lyrics. Their lyrics are often left-wing, mostly consisting of aggressive critique addressed towards things such as religion, corporations, consumerism and war. Their fusion of death and grind is called Slam.

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Dying Fetus with Cerebral Bore, End of All Flesh, tiamat's destroyer, Mortal Ashes

Thursday, December 13 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 6:30 PM at The Venue