Justify These Scars, The Heavy Children, Cheezus Chrust

Justify These Scars

Punk Rock from Birmingham AL

The Heavy Children

Rock/Dark Soul from Montgomery AL

“Let me first state that all subsequently mentioned claims may be subject to the discretion of the reader. I believe that the organization, ‘The Heavy Children,’ is a secret society of musicians from across the United States that convene in order to discover the new and endless possibilities of space and sound. The influence for The Heavy Children Society was established between Montgomery, Alabama and Rome, New York during the mid-1980’s. However, the movement became a united force, to be reckoned with, in early 2013. The continued discoveries these pioneers forge on a daily basis serve as a constant reminder to our ever-evolving society that we are here.”

-Liam Sebastian (Rock Historian/Bookman)

The American rock duo consists of singer/multi-instrumentalist, Adam Davila and drummer/percussionist, Eric Hoehn. The group, based in Montgomery, Alabama, is currently in the process of releasing an eight track album featuring archived original content and are now booking shows.



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