Women In Music Happy Hour

Sarah Witham

Sarah is a singer song writer from Houston, TX. She got her musical start at the age of 8 with an old pawn shop Yamaha acoustic guitar. She was raised with a love of bluegrass and country music. At the age of 16 Sarah’s father started making her play open mic nights at a local venue Provo Utah. Through the years she would realize that music was not going to be what kept the lights on, but man was it a good time. Sarah’s music is reminiscent of old timey county music with a modern undoing and a western flare.

Joyce "The Voice" Catalano

Joyce "The Voice" Catalano has been playing guitar and singing since she was a teen, but only discovering her inner songwriter very recently. Hailing originally from Long Island , Joyce now calls the Elm City her home. Her motto "Live, Love, Laugh, and Protest" lays the foundations for her songwriting.



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