Atheros, otherwise know as Jordan Kolaric, is an electronic music producer and DJ from Cleveland, OH.

Electronic music producer from Cleveland, Ohio. FL Studio!

Music enthusiast and producer. If you like anything you hear here, share it and spread the love! Hope you all enjoy the music!

I like to throw down heavy bangers.

For the past 5 years, Cleveland’s own Werdna has been throwing down heavy sets full of variety. His signature combo of glitch & heavy dubs will get your body movin'! He also has love for boat drinks.

CLVTCH is an EDM DJ who plays a wide variety of House, Dubstep, Trap, and Bass music depending on the show. He enjoys performing because he is able to give listeners a unique experience by using unique transitions to create a unparalleled flow to the set. Part of CLVTCH's uniqueness comes from his ability to find new remixes of well known songs along with finding new songs with unrivaled sounds!

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