Nation of Language

Nation of Language

Nation of Language is a band from Brooklyn that was formed by Ian Richard Devaney after rediscovering the post punk and new wave bands that had soundtracked his early childhood.

The band enjoys doing their own visual design, and printing shirts and patches in a style that is in keeping with their love of unrefined simplicity. They’ve spent the last year self-booking tours across the continental United States to Europe and the UK, and released their first music video to accompany their second single, “I’ve Thought About Chicago”.

The band was recently named one of Stereogum’s Best New Bands of 2017, and “I’ve Thought About Chicago” was on Stereogum’s Favorite Songs of 2017 list. The blog also premiered the band’s most recent singles, “Indignities” and "On Division St", and ran a Band To Watch feature on the band.


Earthboy is a 5-piece Philadelphia based band with roots in the basement and DIY scene. The band met in elementary school but didn’t end up forming until high school. Since then they have made headway using their indie pop and lo-fi influences. Over the year they have been together, they have played along up and coming acts such as Joy Again, Orion Sun, Sitcom, and many more. Their debut release, “Earthboy - EP,” was self-released in 2018. It was later released again on Ztapes.

Ghost Camp

Ghost Camp are an indie rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their sound is an interesting one, with slick pop melodies, weird dreamy vibes and frayed punky edges combining into a keyed-up and jittery New Wave style – something the band themselves describe as “witch-punk”. The four-piece (David Pressler on vocals and guitar, Joe Vick on guitar and synth, Christian Joyner on bass and Max Dienemann handling drums), have just released another single from their upcoming third album.

Port Lucian

Port Lucian is the psychedelic pop alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Portia Maidment. She ventured into independent record production in 2016, after being in multiple bands that part ways.

In April of 2017, production began for the EP Sun, which was written, recorded and mixed from beginning to end in Maidment's basement and mastered by Jeff Chestek. The EP drew inspiration from modern synth pop as well as borrowing psychedelic motifs.

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