Horse Lords

Horse Lords is a quartet from Baltimore, MD. Combining their shared experiences in experimental music with popular forms, they craft long form pieces that are at once trance inducing, ecstatic, and rhythmically compelling. The group consists of members of the groups Teeth Mountain, Black Vatican, and Needle Gun, and touring members of The Dan Deacon Ensemble and Matmos.

Sandy Ewen

75 Dollar Bill

Rick Brown was born in San Francisco, CA and is a clerical worker at a law school in NYC. Che Chen was born in New Haven, CT and works for a cancer diagnostics company in Stony Brook, NY. They met via myspace and started playing together as 75 Dollar Bill approximately eight years later. Brown plays percussion and homemade horns and Chen plays electric guitar. The duo has played regularly and frequently in Brooklyn since late 2012 and has begun making forays out of town, including gigs in Philadelphia, a summer tour of the West Coast and a short New England trip all in late 2014. More extensive touring is planned for 2015, incl. Southern states, Midwest and possibly Europe.


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