Face To Face

Face To Face

Face to Face was formed in 1991 by front man Trever Keith, bassist Matt Riddle and drummer Rob Kurth. Previously the trio played in a band known as Zero Tolerance (17) along with guitarist Mark Haake. Prior to Zero Tolerance, Trever and Matt played in a band named Victoria Manor, which disbanded in the late 80’s.

Face to Face's first album, Don’t Turn Away, was released in 1992 by Dr. Strange Records, a small independent label located in Alta Loma, California. After nine studio albums and a dedicated following, arguably the band is most well known for their single, "Disconnected," which was released on the band’s first two albums and received significant airplay on college radio.

During the bands 25-year career, Keith had been the only constant member with many former band members finding success in other bands. Former drummer, Pete Parada is the current drummer for The Offspring and former bassist Matt Riddle had success in No Use For A Name and currently plays with The Implants.

The band currently consists of Trever on vocals and guitar with guitarist Dennis Hill filling out the rhythm section. Scott Shiflett is the band's bassist and has been a member of the band since Riddle’s departure in late 1995. Finally, veteran drummer Danny Thompson has been behind the kit since the band reformed in 2008.


American skate punk rock band from Chicago, IL.

Don't Sleep

Hardcore-punk band from Pennsylvania founded in 2016. Don't Sleep contains current and former members of Dag Nasty, Down By Law (2), DYS, All (2), Very Americans, Safari So Good, The Commercials (2), Junction (4) and In Wilderness

Brom Bones is a Pop-Punk band from Lancaster, PA. We started in 1989 as Sean Wolfe, Casey Wolfe, Jason Berlet, Chris Ries, and Matt Rice in Sean and Casey's garage. We released 2 DIY albums on cassette and sold them at local record stores. The first one was called "Fall from the Monkey Bars". The second was called "RAKU". They both sold pretty well and we established a nice local following and some label attention. After 1991, most of us were out of High School. Sean moved to art school in Philly. That was the end for him. Soon after Sean moved on, Casey then left. For the next few years we brought in Greg Collins on drums. After Greg graduated from college and moved home, Casey came back into the band and we recorded a 6 song CD called "Cope". After a few years Casey left again. Around 1999 we brought in a good friend, Dustin Huffman on drums. We’ve been Jason, Chris, Matt, and Dustin since then and have put out 2 albums – Apart and 39. Another full length is in the works.

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