Existem "Mantle"Album Release Party


"Years of Winter is an astounding, crushing, massive debut by a band who not only seem to know damn well what they want in terms of a sonic signature, but are fully aware how to get it." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"With or without vocals (not to say they are irrelevant) the music is humbling, crushing and so dense it builds its reality around you. Life may have its joys, but albums like this one open a window and invite you to jump in their own dimension for a while. If you like this type of musical experience, Years Of Winter might just end up being one of this year's highlights for you as well." -Metal Hammer Bulgaria

"Kansas City progressive metallers Existem immediately call to mind the melodic structure and songwriting approach of both Textures and The Ocean — which is cool on its own — but there’s a lot more going on here. The vocals are a nice breath of fresh air, and I hear influences as deep and disparate as Opeth and Scale the Summit...Tell me if I'm crazy for thinking this band is phenomenal or if I'm on to something." - MetalSucks

After four years, two EPs and a full-length, Existem's journey is still only just beginning. The progressive metal four-piece has become one of the most talked about bands in Kansas City and are poised to extend their reign far beyond. With a new album in the works, a polished live set and a growing fanbase, Existem is showing no sign of stopping their pursuit of prog-metal greatness.

Orphans of Doom


“Snakehound is just four dudes having synchronized seizures while trying to play music.” -Ty Aston

A Light Within

Throughout time mankind has lived a dark and dreary existence. Even in the light, there is a heavy sense of foreboding. With a grim, defeatist outlook on life, man lives without much hope. It's in these times that all men possess the power of A Light Within to offer a glimmer of hope. It's this light that drives us to move forward so that we may truly be alive. We strive to reach that ultimate feeling, that power of A Light Within.

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