She Keeps Bees

Since 2006, Brooklyn's She Keeps Bees have been making records in their apartment. Singer and guitarist, Jessica Larrabee, met drummer and engineer Andy LaPlant in 2005. The two quickly formed a musical bond and started work on the recordings that would become She Keeps Bees. Not a drummer at the time, Andy needed a few quick lessons from Jess before they could start performing as a duo. The music has transformed along the way, becoming more aggressive, but still maintaing the distinctive air of Larrabee's songwriting. Almost five years later, they've released two full-length albums and a few EP's. With a third album set to be released in July, She Keeps Bees will be on tour all summer long.


Heliotropes hail from Brooklyn, NY. With a sound described as "doomy
pop" - containing elements of shoegaze, goth and classic psych metal -
Heliotropes blend influences from Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Black
Sabbath and My Blood Valentine. On this lo-fi EP, the guitar riffs are
murky, the drums are bludgeoning, and the shrills of the violin are
haunting. But it is California native Jessica Numsuwankijkul's
detached, wistful vocals - which bring to mind Richard Ashcroft meets
Mazzy Star - that turn spacey dissonance into beautiful hypnotic rock.

III is an EP that shows a lot of potential for a group of talented
musicians and songwriters, who are sure to carve out their own space
in an exciting, emerging (and hopefully lasting) trend in independent

Young Adults

Young Adults are the all-vinyl DJ duo of Lazybrow and Deep Body who just launched their label, Young Adults Recordings. Their first release, the YA-001 compilation 12", has been seizing dancefloors since it dropped last month and they're set to do it again with Suzanne Kraft's 'Horoscope' set for release September 25th.

"Slothrust is the perfect soundtrack for brooding on a gloomy day and would be a good way to psych yourself into finally telling your boss to go fuck himself (please exercise caution for the latter). Melding clean, bluesy guitar riffs with lo fi, scratchy vocals, the trio from Bronxville is strangely reminiscent of Morphine... only not really. Listening to their music can actually be a little confusing, sometimes feeling so familiar that drawing a comparison becomes irresistible, though nothing really fits." - The New England Deli

EULA is a 3-piece outfit found in Brooklyn, NY;
Nate is the pants, Alyse is the blouse, and Jeff is the cummerbund.
They taste like post-punk-pre-historic-medium-gauge-no-wave, with a splash of lemon.

"Totally classic art-school indie pop, takes me back to the salad days of DIY zines when music was fun." - Left Hip Magazine

According to the Sleepies' Myspace, "Formed the band for a homework assignment back in the early 90s. Got a B-. Never looked back." This history is apparent in their brash playing and enticing melodies, all that serve to preserve a youthful punk aesthetic.

YVETTE represents a unique brand of loud music, imposing structure upon noise and yielding songs that can only be described as frenzied, explosive, and pummeling.
Noah Kardos-Fein and Rick Daniel linked up in the Summer of 2009, at first bonding over effects pedals and other noisemaking instruments. This shared passion for all things sonically strange quickly bloomed into what the two call YVETTE. Marked by pounding drum beats, scraping guitars, industrial drones, and soft, ghostly vocals, YVETTE's well-crafted clatter might fool you into thinking you're hearing the work of six organized musicians rather than two. Lauded for its mix of carved out noise, deep, danceable beats, and celestial-yet-catchy vocals, Brooklyn's YVETTE is a musical experience you do not want to miss.

Mr. Dream

MR. DREAM are a rock band from Brooklyn. Critics at Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and elsewhere adored the trio's 2011 debut TRASH HIT, an equal parts noisy and melodic record that garnered a number of Pixies and Nirvana comparisons--for once meant positively. They've toured North America with Sleigh Bells and indie supergroup Mister Heavenly, and sang backup vocals for the final LCD Soundsystem concerts. In Spring 2012 MR. DREAM hit the West Coast with Cloud Nothings, in support of their new FATHERLAND EP, a suite of songs about an amusement park for fathers. Adam Moerder plays guitar and sings. Matt Morello plays bass and sings. Nick Sylvester plays drums. The band records and releases their own material via their God Mode imprint.

Death to false grunge

Speedy Ortiz

snack rock, sex ed, "lol"-fi

Fat History Month

Math-y two-piece indie band from Massachusetts.


Trabajo was formed by TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin - March 2011 in Brooklyn NY.

Geronimo! is a three piece rock band from Chicago, originally hailing from Rockford, IL. Since the band's inception in 2007, they have done extensive touring across the US, sharing the stage with various national acts including The Meat Puppets, Local H, Maritime, and Sebastien Grainger (ex-*DFA 1979*). After a nine month gestation, the group self-released its debut full length titled Fuzzy Dreams in April 2010. The album reflects the group's mission to be equal parts Robyn and The Melvins, resulting in a sound others have described as grunge, atmospheric garage-rock, guitar-rock, shoegaze, and space-rock.


Pop songs played heavy

The Flag


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