Room Full of Strangers

Room Full of Strangers began in late 2009 and it was in less than a years time of performing and touring that the band was discovered by legendary producer Mark Kramer; whose credits include, Monotonix, Daniel Johnston, Butthole Surfers and many others. Musically Room Full of Strangers is a 'genre bending' unique blend of garage, proto/post punk and psychedelic rock, written with a pop sensibility. The RFOS live performance has been praised by fans and press alike as being a highly energetic, entertaining 'show'; hence the bands catch phrase "You don't know, till you go"and on one occasion the band was described as a Freudian rock experience. It is with the bands eclectic musical blend, live presence and fun rock n roll revelry vibe, that the band engages it's onlookers. And this is coupled with just enough sardonic dark comedy and creepiness to keep you guessing. In conclusion, the Room Full of Strangers experience is known for a 'peak and valley' journey, that intersects where the Monkees meet the MC5.

The Rats (of New York)

Touring, making records, and slugging down many a fair pint and pizza since 2005. Theyve been in 2 films (cameos and soundtracks), and also appear as fictitious versions of themselves in 2 novels by NY Times bestselling authors (John Land, William Martin). They are an unstoppable cult of sonic banditos...

The Bowery Boys

Rock band from NYC

Bikini Carwash

BIKINI CARWASH is a four-member rock/punk/pop band from Brooklyn, New York. Three of us are genuinely nice, good people. Two of us dislike showering. And one of us disrobes during each gig.

Plastiq Passion

Take everything you think you know about girl bands and throw it out the window because Plastiq Passion rocks out like no other. Their energetic and passionate live show continues to create quite a buzz amongst concert goers in New York City as well as nation-wide, ever since their 2008 cross-country tour. Their newest album To Be a Blade of Grass in Cracked Cement has been in regular rotation on New York City's only modern rock station 101.9 RXP since its release in 2010 and continues to garner excellent reviews which opened the door for them to open up for such notable acts as The Cult and Dramarama.


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