Hed PE

Hed PE

Black Angel Down

Bringing a dark side to the amazing harmony and vocal
styles of Dru Hill and mixing in the Baltimore underground Alternative Rock Scene, Nokio emerges as an unstoppable force to front the heavy rock sound of Black Angel Down. Brought up from a life of clubs, arena's and down and out rock and roll style, The band consists of members from some of Baltimore's most established bands that have defined the city's underground rock sound for decades; The Mayan Factor, Live Alien Broadcast, Imbue and Rosabella.

Nokio brings fellow Dru Hill vocalist Tao (pronounced Tay-Oh) into the mix to lay a multi-layered harmony and singing style brilliantly over the dark churning guitar attack and groove rhythm of the Black Angel Down band. Frank "The Punisher" Marchand, recorded and produced the first, self-titled Black Angel Down album, released this past summer.


Stone Brew

Formed in May of 2015, consisting of John Wayne on Vocals, Chris Granville on Guitar, Kody Vaughn on Bass, and George Southerland on Drums. Together they create the heavy and groovy sounds of Stone Brew. With a Blues and Rock n Roll inspiration thrown in with a twist of doom and sludge, the aggressive tone of Stone Brew will have you begging for more.

$18.00 - $20.00


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