Ella Collier

Hi, I’m Ella, and the fact that I am introducing you to my very own website has already exceeded my childhood dreams. Since I was able to talk, I’ve always been the loudest person in the room… still true, but more often than not, my voice fills up a room with my own lyrics and a guitar or piano at my fingers. My dream is simple. My dream is to share my music with the world, while being an inspiration as a musician, and also as a person. Whether you’re too heartbroken to sleep, too happy for words, or too angry for tears, there’s a song for that. I hope my music can relate to you in a way that a simple conversation wouldn’t, but I would also love to connect with you on my blog page. As a singer/songwriter, I strive for my music to be HEARD, and this website is the perfect place to do so. Look around the site to catch up on not only my music, but updates, quotes, and more about me. I can’t wait to see where this journey leads us.

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