Bryson Foster Band

A pop-soul / blues / hip-hip band that is passionate about cultivating the already-beautiful works and people in Tacoma.

Smoke Perkins and the Bad Winter Cough

Smoke Perkins (AKA Travis Barker; No, not that one): Is a singer/songwriter born, raised and currently residing and working in Tacoma, WA. He began writing and playing his own music in high school then performing with his high school jazz band progressing to "open-mic" nights at local establishments and forming two local bands, Black Sails and Elk and Boar. Smoke has also contributed songwriting skills and performing with other artist's both in music and the performing arts. He is now working on his first solo project, a 10-song LP being produced in Tacoma, WA at Pacific Studios.

Haiku Poetics

Haiku is a nutty halfwit neanderthal bringing copious amounts of sheer ruckus to your throat, nose, mouth, and ears. Stay tuned for updates folks.

$10.00 - $15.00


Upcoming Events
Fawcett Hall at Alma Mater