Monkeysoop, Willow & Wood, The Broken Fits

Rock from San Antonio TX

Monkeysoop is a musical group of experimetal mock-rockers recording & performing for fans internationally with searing guitar riffs and theatrical bombast

Dreamy-folk-noir duo, Gothic-Americana from Nashville TN

Gathering raw energy like lightning rods in an electrical storm, the music of Willow & Wood is a kind of folk-noir that's as eerie as it is soothing.

Willow and Wood make up two strong partnerships, one their own romantic deal, legalized in marriage since 2005 and another more musical affair, where if Wood is the music, Willow is the song. Together they play a hypnotizing form of gothic Americana with Willow’s voice wending its wild way through the watercolor waves of Wood’s guitar.
After years of holding illustrious court in the Seattle music scene, the duo found themselves on the road again and this time definitively as they headed south and stopped over in Nashville. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they were laying down roots that would take hold and flourish.

The Broken Fits

Acoustic Duo from Middle TN

The broken fits. are mental health advocates and indie musicians from Middle Tennessee made up of married couple Steven and Amanda Massey. Pulling from influences that range from Regina Spektor to Say Anything, the broken fits. are a fresh take on a tired genre. With a passion for open dialog for mental health awareness, and an ear for great songs, the broken fits are bringing their unique sound to anyone that will listen.



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