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Ry Doon - Vine Star, as seen in the hit movies Holiday Break Up and FML, and on Maron!

Boston comedian and web celeb Ry Doon is known for his outrageous Vine videos as well as his budding standup career.
Ry Doon started his standup career in Boston, MA, in 2012 after years of being an extremely poor and struggling musician. Soon after starting standup he became one of the most watched people on Vine, boasting over 3 million followers. Although he's mostly known for his videos, standup comedy is Ry's true passion. You can catch him on 'Maron' on IFC, Funny Or Die, TBS, and your teenager's iPhone.

Daniel Eachus as seen on Comedy Central

Daniel Eachus is a rising young star in the comedy world. At only 25, Eachus has the chops of a comedy veteran and people are taking notice. Born and raised in Fresno, CA, he was surrounded by farms but didn’t want to smell raisins for the rest of his life, so he turned to comedy to get him out. For college, Daniel’s wish came true and he left Fresno to study in Long Beach, CA. By day, he was a student, by night he performed on the stand-up comedy circuit. After just one year of nightly performances, he became the youngest finalist ever in the “Funniest Comic in Los Angeles“ contest held at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. He’s been entertaining audiences ever since. Since then Eachus has been a regional finalist on Comedy Central’s “Up Next” and has been featured on Sideshow Network’s “Five Spot”. When he’s not doing stand-up, Daniel acts, writes, and produces the comedy sketch series “Bigfoot Chasers” and just made his first appearance on SpikeTV. He also enjoys an occasional Capri Sun and granola bars.

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