Hot Latin Nights feat. The DeLeons & Tha Twinz Lucero

The DeLeon Brothers Band

The DeLeon Brothers Band is a local Denver Colorado group that has been on the scene of clubs and venues since 1970’s, performing a variety of music, including Motown, R&B, Funk, Pop, Classic Rock, Oldies and Rock & Roll, Doo Whop mixed with the spiciness and high-energy of Latin Dance Music. Composed of impeccable musicianship each band members’ individual experience brings together a synergistic mix that is uniquely The DeLeon Brothers Band. This original dynamic sound is a blend of contemporary concepts mixed with the richness of variety and dance rhythms and is what keeps live audiences coming back.
The band released their first CD in September 2015 entitled “Legacy” and it is now being marketed in the United States with plans to increase our opportunities to develop recognition and air time play internationally and share what we believe is a positive message in today’s world.

Tha Twinz Lucero

Tha Twinz Lucero is no Abracadabra act! Not only have Deon and Damon Lucero been performing since the age of 11, but also have been writing and producing since 2012. Now, at 25 years old, their act is ready to be placed in the hierarchy of the music industry. Their formula to reach the mountain of success is simple. Tha Twinz Lucero will record, and then perform, and promote their music in night clubs, event centers, and festivals throughout the world.
With experience under their belt, as lead singers with Jamedica Band for 8 years, they know how to mesmerize audiences with both music and stage presence. As students of R&B, they have learned how to incorporate a mixture of Latin beats, Hip/Hop and R&B to come up with a distinct sound. If one has to categorize their music, it would be considered Latin Soul, more than likely, to be found on R&B Charts throughout the world. It is an added attraction for the twins to also have a perfect blend of harmony on the lead vocals. This blend was developed when both Deon and Damon shared the leads with Jamedica, which has evolved into a signature sound easily recognizable on radio and enhanced in the visual realm of music videos.
Tha Twinz Lucero will be launching their single, ‘She’s Like Fire’, this summer and will be touring locally, regionally, and nationally to promote their first single. The uniqueness of being identical twins has been a musical blessing with this group. They are able to incorporate a variety of ideas into their music videos and live shows. Some might even call them sex machines.
We just called them dynamic! Tha Twinz Lucero has arrived.

$25.00 - $35.00


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