Zalman Krause, Point Doom, Moving Skies, Caleb Henry and The Customs

Zalman Krause is a NY/LA based musician and comedian.​
He is best known for his serenading series on Youtube, racking in over 60 million combined views and 160,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel.  He has collaborated with popular channels such as "Coby Persin," priorly known as "Model Pranksters," "MaxmanTV Malaysia," "MoeandET," "Rich Ferguson," "yesfunnyyes," "jinkiesTV," and "DennisCeeTV."
​Zalman has received over 4 million Spotify plays on original songs such as, "Will You Be Mine?," "What Was It All For?," and "I Need Your Love," and "Blessed Like Me feat. Coby Persin." At age 19, Zalman was signed to Water Music Studios, home to artists such as Beyoncé, and Jason Mraz and has since worked with Grammy award winning recording artists such as C. Lanzbom.
​He has appeared on television in various shows such as MTV's "Say It In A Song," Facebook's first show "Make Up Or Break Up," an interview on Malaysian national television KLTV for his serenading series, various Channel 9 news interviews regarding viral pranks, and appeared as a finalist in "A Jewish Star, International Singing Competition."
​After being flown out to Asia by MaxManTV in 2015 for prank videos, Zalman has tapped into the Asian music market is fresh off of a 2017 tour through Asia where he performed his music throughout Malaysia and Thailand.
​Zalman is currently touring the USA and Asia and is working on his 4th studio album.

MOVING SKIES are Juan Gutierrez (vocals and guitar), Edgar Dela Torre (lead guitar), Jorge Garcia (keyboard/bass) and Greg Pereira (drums). The band was formed in 2014 and has rocked many venues across Southern California.
The band influences are quite eclectic, ranging from the 60's (Bowie, Beatles) to the 80's (The Smiths, Kraftwerk), the 90's (Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries, Oasis) and newer musical influences (Jets to Brazil, Smoking Popes). Genre influences of the band range from Classic and Alternative Rock as well as Soul Music.

They released their debut album Carry On in 2017 and is being followed by upcoming 2018 single releases Surrender and Unrestrained. They are currently in the studio recording songs for their upcoming album, due sometime later in 2018.

Caleb Henry and The Customs

Caleb Henry is a Country Rock, Blues, and Americana artist from the Wild Wild West of California. Henry's music focuses in on his real life experiences of love, loss, and things to come. Backed by his loyal gang of musicians known as "The Customs," Caleb Henry and The Customs go from town to town turning every stage into an energetic, and heartfelt home for those who like to live on the wild side.



  • 8:30 - Zalman Krause
  • 9:15 - Caleb Henry
  • 10:00 - Point Doom
  • 10:50 - Moving Skies

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