Jammin Java's Mid-Atlantic Band Battle #19 - Finals


Liam B. Smith

Better Homes

Well, this is what happens when you lock a bunch of talented people in a room for a month. BETTER HOMES is out to grab you by the ear and shout "YOU CAN'T HOLD US BACK!". Combining many musical elements into one well-oiled machine, BETTER HOMES produces tones like (but is DEFINITELY not limited to) Mayday Parade, song construction that of Fall Out Boy, and vocal styles ranging from jazzy pizzazz, to heart wrenching melody, to ear-punching punk rock raspy yells. We are out to set the world on fire with our spark of love and insanity. People have been supporting us non-stop since the beginning and we thank you current fans, past fans (hopefully not), and FUTURE FANS! AW YEUH! Help keep our spirits high by shooting us a message here, or just liking a status. Go follow us on Twitter an...um...whatever you do for Instagram. We are constantly working hard to keep you guys satisfied with the best songs we can provide for you all and we hope to see your beautiful faces at some of our shows (hopefully not our doorstep but I don't know, maybe we won't care, maybe we will have a beer with ya and talk about pizza and cartoons and stuff). Keep up with the love and we will, as well as, also, LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU BACK.



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