DisCon 2018

Join us as we explore emerging research, ideas, tech & culture of digital currency & the distributed web. Over the course of two full days there will be talks, discussions, workshops & more.

The energy and excitement around Bitcoin & digital currencies is hard to miss. Rumors of a massive technological leap forward have fueled an epic wave of tall promises and speculative investments.

Despite the turbulence, a new wave of applications and protocols are emerging. At DISCON we'll go beyond the blockchain hype to explore and expand on crypto currencies and decentralization.

Jordan Earls

Talk subject: game theory behind designing a blockchain protocol

Jordan is the co-founder and lead developer of Qtum. He leads a team of developers from 9 countries which include China, Belarus, and the United States. Managing a team of talented developers across time zones, he is responsible for delegating tasks according to each developer’s strength while ensuring that deliverables meet scheduled deadlines. He is involved in designing and the implementation of the blockchain infrastructure such as the consensus layer, distributed ledger architecture, and smart contract virtual machine. Jordan also serves as the co-chairman of the Smart Contracts Alliance under the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The alliance is aimed at promoting the recognition and adoption of smart-contracts technology by addressing issues such as interoperability and policy. Jordan built his reputation in the blockchain community by uncovering scams, viruses and other malicious activities in various cryptocurrencies. Jordan is a self-taught developer who built a custom operating system for an android app.

Greg Foss

Talk Subject: How to quit your job and become a Crypto Farmer

His team drives product research and development from the front lines, consistently focused on improving defensive capabilities in house and within LogRhythm’s diverse customer base. Previously, he was a Senior Researcher with the Labs Threat Intelligence team – focused on creating new tools and techniques to detect advanced adversaries. Greg is a very active member of the Denver information security community who loves to give back and support the industry however he can.
Greg is also desiging the DISCON Capture the Coin event where a smart contract can be hacked to win Ethereum prize. More information on this will be released in the coming weeks!

G. Thomas

Talk Subject: Using Blockchain to Build Better Film & Music Industries”

G. Thomas Esmay is a New York-based filmmaker & educator. He has worked on a variety of documentaries, live broadcasts, and short films, including the Susan Sarandon-produced Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story; BBC Politics’ live coverage of the 2015 UK general election, and a sci-fi short shot entirely in an abandoned nuclear power plant. Prior to his career in entertainment, Esmay taught mathematics. Esmay most recently worked at a large talent agency, but left to join the blockchain revolution and bring the transparency and logic of mathematics to the entertainment industry. He presently serves as SingularDTV’s Director of Business Development.



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