The Stone Eye, Monastary, Wooly Bear, Black Spirit Crown

The Stone Eye

Rising from the ashes in 2014, The Stone Eye is an electrifying rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Combining elements of Grunge, Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, & Doom Metal comes a hard hitting yet catchy brand of music. Following suit from the hard-hitting 2016 LP "Poison Apple", 2017 EP "Royal & Damned", and 2017 LP "The Meadow", The Stone Eye is at it yet again with their latest LP, "Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria". Come get fuzzy with us.


Monastery was officially started by Mark Kovalsky and Kyle Taylor in late 2016, to create a heavy riff filled Stoner and Doom Metal band that harkened the stylings of Black Sabbath, Sleep, Uncle Acid and many more.

Wooly Bear

Follow the jokes toward the riff-filled land

Black Spirit Crown

Heavy Doom Metal from Cleveland Ohio



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