Over the last few years the genre of rock has been pulled in so many different directions, leaving timeless vocal melodies and guitars to become far and few between. Wayland naturally possesses these qualities and more. Formed in 2010, The band was soon signed to Kiefer Sutherland's Iron Works Records by hit singer/ song writer/ producer Jude Cole. Managed by Jesse James Dupree, Wayland released their first single "Welcome To My Head" which experienced high ranking on Mainstream and Active Rock charts. The follow up charting single "Reno" began to showcase Wayland's diverse influences, from huge vocal harmony reminiscent of classic rock icons like Journey and Queen, and thick crunchy guitar riffs and pounding drums leaning on the hard rock side of the spectrum. With the release of 2014s "Get A Little" the band's music video for the song went viral online bringing in massive social media and YouTube numbers, causing the song to hit #6 on ITunes Rock charts. 2016 brought the Active Rock radio hit single "Bloody Sunrise" taking the band into almost 5 straight years of non-stop touring, boasting 250+ shows a year. There's no signs of Wayland slowing down any time soon. A full length album is expected in 2017 followed by a full tour in support of the release.

Big Green Carpet

Big Green Carpet is a rock trio from Bailey, Colorado. After a few " changing of the guards", the band’s formation solidified in 2010 when Lorris (guitar/ vocals), Trenton (drums/ vocals), and Phil (bass/vocals) united to create a unique, americana rock sound that is slowly making its way around the country.
Big Green Carpet’s debut LP, From The Ashes, recorded at Evergroove Studio, is a personal set of songs slated for release in the summer of 2012. Inspired in part by a fire that burned down the band’s practice space, the 11 tracks on "From The Ashes" brings elements of singer/songwriter folk and rock music together with melodic guitars, dynamic grooves, and emotional lyrics.
The band has a broad spectrum of influences. Classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Hendrix, as well as alternative and indie rock such as Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Buffalo Tom, Alice in Chains, Jimmy Eat World, and Kings of Leon, are among many others that have had a hand in shaping the way Big Green Carpet is today. Much thanks to the musical geniuses that have come before.
The finely crafted tunes on the new album are given a grand, new perspective during the band’s live shows, which showcases the energy and emotion behind their songs. With a developing base of devoted fans in Denver, Big Green Carpet plans to take their sound to audiences all around Colorado and beyond in 2012.


The Symbols

The Symbols eclectic rock band is exploding out of the unlikely state of Colorado. Self described as "Spiritual porn rock", The Symbols aren't trying to blend in. Their music invites blues, funk, and rock into popular music. With complimentary guitar and vocal sounds and true harmony between its members, the love, energy and sound of this new female-fronted power trio is infecting people's hearts in theaters and festivals across America.

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