The Roasted Bones MOTAvation summer tour 18

The Roasted Bones

Residing in Austin, Texas, The Roasted Bones brings you reggae rock vibes mixed with ska, punk, and dub.

Los Hitos

4 non teenage, non mutant, non turtle brothers who like to jam, keeping pop-punk, ska, and dub alive. 5280 for life.

Iron Roots

Iron Roots is a new reggae project out of the mountains of Colorado. Stay tuned for upcoming events, we will be hitting the scene hard in 2017!

Roots reggae

Tom Diaz (Drums/Backup Vocals)
Ricardo Ribeiro (Bass/Backup vocals)
Nick Anthony (Lead Vocals/Percussion)
Gregg Charmley (Guitar/Backup Vocals)
Craig Morrison (Aux Percussion)
Guarnición Zbhulte (keys/melodica)

Hypnotic Vibes

Formed in Northern Colorado, Hypnotic Vibes presents the music scene with an original array of colorful chords, smooth vocal harmonies, powerful horns, and booty-shaking drums anyone could dance to. The band consists of drummer Mario Alvarado, trombonist Sterling Swanson, trumpet ninja Alex Vilanova and vocalist Joey Solano. They plan to spread positive energy and words of encouragement to any individual with open ears, eyes, and an open mind.

Good Times. Good Vibes.

Get ready to dance with The Jinjas, an alternative dance rock band combining live drums, heavy synth bass, vocal harmonies, and sparkling keys.

The Jinjas capture the human spirit and condition in every energetic performance. Come to a show for a fun and interactive experience!

$5.00 - $8.00


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