Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver formed in 1995 and fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar.

Devon Williams

Devon Williams is a singer / songwriter from Los Angeles, California, USA.

His career started through playing in the So-Cal punk band, Osker. After Osker split up, he started another project on his own, called Lung Fa Tang, releasing one mp3 on a small website for the group. They soon gained momentum with shows and a name change (Fingers-Cut, Megamachine!). Releasing a 7" on Aggravated Music, they got their start, touring frequently. After releasing their self-titled debut on Thick Records, as well as an EP, the band slowed down a bit.

Williams released a CD under his own name on a past tour. He was recently playing guitar in the band Lavender Diamond and released a 7" single on L.A. Record; one of the tracks has an accompanying music video. His full length "Carefree" (also referred to as "Careerfree") was released on Ba Da Bing! in April 2008.

The Midnight Disease

Lo-fi sadcore from Las Vegas.
Innovating tragedy since 2012.

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