The Neybas

The Neybas

Lead singer Russ Waesche and company have some news for you: They're not classic rock. Though the band's sound has classic influences that led to their selection in this category, members insist that they would rather have been pooled into a more modern division.

"It's definitely bittersweet," says Waesche, the energetic singer/songwriter who was also nominated for Best Male Vocalist. "We play about 20 percent covers and we've got a lot of originals. We weren't sure if we should even accept the award. But, hey, at least we won something.

"People should know that if they come out and see us to hear classic rock they're going to be disappointed," Waesche adds.

So what does the band play? Neybas fans have come to depend on danceable grooves and meaningful lyrics. Waesche has been feeling rather introspective lately and its been showing up in his lyrics, which bandmates feel may make for some of his strongest songs to date. The band has just finished recording four songs to shop around to major labels--as usual, their ultimate goal is to land a record deal.

$7.00 - $10.00


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