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LA-based trio, HUNTR, prides itself on blazing a genre-bending trail of their own, with a seamless fusion of trance-like, alternative hip-hop… all while blindsiding listeners with bold transitions and candid lyricism. The group was formed in 2015, led by Philadelphia-bred vocalist Gilbere Forté, and flanked by immensely talented multi-instrumentalists: Karaganda-born Boris Likharev, and Boston-native Nick Audy. Fueled by pushing more progressive sounds to music’s forefront, the group wears a symbolic heart on their sleeve that reads — “we are not the same."

Their self-titled debut is clear evidence of that. Sequenced like a literal soundtrack, it’s overarching theme is a sonic gradient of one’s journey from darkness to light. The gripping, hard and heavy opens of “Veins” and “Strange” transition into an atmospheric freeway drive home -- after a long night at 5:37am -- before mellowing into more introspective cuts like “Find Myself” and “Sundown."

The passion and confidence woven throughout their sound has landed them 2 consecutive appearances on the soundtrack to EA Sports’ UFC2 and UFC3, a Netflix series, and growing interest from music supervisors.

With each release since, they continue to prove they can do whatever they want, when they want -- starting here.

Super Space Nation

Super Space Nation is a four-piece LA alternative rock band composed of brothers Evan Vogel, Zac Vogel, Jonah Weinreich, and Dex Sullivan. Combining slick modern production and electronic influences with a riff-based classic rock songwriting style and stadium-sized pop hooks, Super Space Nation is blazing their own path in the LA music scene and beyond – playing the music they love with the people they care about in the city they call home.

A Darker Bright


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