The Asteroid Shop, First Fire, & The CITIE

First Fire is an indie rock trio in Los Angeles CA. Their sound and presence can be described as raw, eager, and honest. They draw inspirations from artists like Jeff Buckley, Bright Eyes and Radiohead. After studying jazz and improvisation at CSUN, the members of First Fire’s return to songwriting feels as much like a liberation as it does a homecoming. Between confessional lyrics and jazz-influenced chords and rhythms, First Fire engages the mind and the spirit. This return to deepest passion hopes to encourage fans to rekindle their first fires as well.

American Alternative. California band, merging modern day noise with vintage roots. Accentuating deep analog sounds with innovative rhythmic tonality.

Vocals, Drums / Jonathan Cohen
Guitar / Adrian Cohen
Bass / Daniel Cohen

The Asteroid Shop

Meet The Asteroid Shop; the brainchild of Eric Brendo. Brendo is known in music circles as the co-founder of Downtown, produced in London by Flood and Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, The Killers, U2, Smashing Pumpkins).

"Imagine a cross between Mazzy Star and The National."
-Lawrence Person's Futurama

"With a singer, Eric Brendo (ex-Downtown), who sounds like a dead ringer for Steve Kilbey of The Church, this Austin band proudly straddles the line between dreampop and shoegaze, but with the pedal steel guitar and sense of vast expanses so often appear wielded by Americans occupying that territory. "Ashes" even sounds like a spacey sort of country-rock. It's easy to think that all this stuff sounds the same, but actually, once past the obvious similarities, almost every such band puts its own spin on the general sound, and Asteroid Shop is more distinctive than many. ”
-The Big Takeover


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