Ceschi and Anonymous Inc, M. Sayyid (Antipop Consortium), Ecce Shnak, Uncivilized Civilians

Ceschi and Anonymous Inc

Ceschi (pronounced Chess-key) Ramos has been in a lot of bands. There’s the experimental post-psych-rock-hop-jazz-fusion outfit Anonymous Inc.started in the mid 1990s with his brother David, the genre-defying latin progressive group Toca which collaborated with everyone from Busdriver to Aceyalone, Hardcore Metal band Dead by Wednesday, the lo-fi synth pop group with Blue Sky Black Death called Deadpan Darling, the Crunk-rap crew Knuck Feast and many more that he may or may not own up to. But most of us know Ceschi Ramos best as a one man band. Drawing from the experience of these groups, he ignites crowds around the world with simply his acoustic guitar, a laptop and the bravado of his dynamic voice. From quiet and playful indie folk ditties to literally pushing the audience, spitting fast-chopping raps; Ceschi embodies the spirit of a true showman - proving to us that one man can do it all. He’s spent the last four years since the release of his acclaimed They Hate Francisco False honing these skills and collaborating with an innumerable amount of today’s most talented MC’s, producers and artists of all genres. He’s toured America, Europe and Japan with independent hip-hop heroes such as Myka 9, Awol One, Sole and Onry Ozzborn and even created his own successful record label - Fake Four, Inc.- that these artists now call home. All the while, he still found time to play in those aforementioned many genred bands.

M. Sayyid (Antipop Consortium)

Ecce Shnak

Ecce Shnak (pronounced "eh-kay sh-knock") is a Philadelphia-based sextet with a flying roundhouse kick of a live show. Their songwriting achieves a fine balance between catchy and outlandish, as smatterings of Miles Davis, Devo, and Primus inform their boldly unique take on indie-rock. A flirtatious female-male vocal duo, trumpet and keyboard flourishes, guitar lines both jagged and melodious, and a rambunctious rhythm section express their jarring and still singable lyrics on death, loneliness, and... toys. The band prides itself on theatrical interactions with its audiences, sledge-hammering the 4th wall in surprising and hilarious ways. Ecce Shnak's live debut opening for Philadelphia's Dangerous Ponies last December was met with ecstatic applause. They now look forward to extensive touring and recording in the months and years ahead. Incipit parodia!

Uncivilized Civilians

Uncivilized Civilians is a collaboration between new and old friends, each with wide-ranging backgrounds and musical influences.
Based on the creative writings of Prozach, the band seamlessly fuses new and old hip-hop styles with elements of funk, jazz, and neo-soul.
This will be the second public appearance by the group.


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