Nachtmystium have existed since 2000. Formed by Blake Judd and Pat "Noctis" McCormick, the band started off as a primitive 4-tracker black metal band. Over the years, the band has progressed through many line up changes and the sound has constantly matured, stepping away from the typical black metal thematics and embracing different influences within the sound, while maintaining a raw and harsh edge that's unique to the black metal genre. The incorporation of other influences have helped the band create a sound that is unique to them specifically, and will continue to work as an ever-expanding unit with the ultimate goal to create metal music that pushes boundaries and walks into uncharted territories.

Jarboe’s recorded and performed projects produce only her unique energy. She draws from a variety of charged sources, from her early exposure to snake-handling revivals in the Mississippi delta, parents who were in the FBI, her participation in a lounge act,experimental performance in gallery & live radio settings,her 14-year critically acclaimed recordings and collaboration with Swans doing world
concerts (clubs, theatres, festivals, live radio, TV). Her delivery has been described as voice acting and also channeling. It can be at turns innocent, knowing, seductive, & vitriolic - contained in melodic as well as experimental compositions. A primary objective for Jarboe is to close in on the gap in the audience/performer relationship via complete submission and vicarious experience through her performance. Through visceral vocals, her repertoire includes a variety of voices from the shy schoolgirl to seductress to demon. Jarboe’s private agenda over the course of her life has been to fine tune endurance - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through efforts in both former and current
disciplines ( weight-lifting, kick boxing, mountain climbing, running, role-playing, studies in meditation and Buddhism) and her intense work with Swans, she has journeyed her body towards exhaustion specifically with the intent of rebuilding / reinventing identity and exploring the elemental structures of persona.

Bruce Lamont

"Progressive doom metal with saxophone" may sound like a ridiculous musical recipe, but Chicago's Yakuza has ridden the idea to five acclaimed albums and a place atop the local metal mountain. Not to mention singer/saxophonist Bruce Lamont's numerous side projects, ranging from guest appearances with local punk outfit The Jai-Alai Savant to fronting tribute band Led Zeppelin 2. - / Read full story here:

Sorxe was formed in Phoenix AZ in the Summer of 2012. Including Shane Ocell (Via Vengence , Hillbilly Devilspeak) and Tanner Crace (ex Magnetplan, N17, Tintype) Christopher Coons - (ex Tintype, Daughters of Fission) and Roger Williams (Dead Canyon , ex Graves at Sea)

The band name comes from the idea of music creation and energy coming from a place inside us that is very sacred and when channeled can be a religious experience, whether its creating music , art , life , memories, experiences whatever the case may be ….everything is reflective of this. This is the source of our passion, and we will ride with the currents and latch onto the pure stream of creating something from nothing, as if it was always there.

~Sorxe 2012



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