American third wave ska band based in New York and formed in 1990. The band name is a portmanteau of ska and the character Mephistopheles by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the lyrics are often satanic.

The band broke up around 1999 after releasing their third album Might-Ay White-Ay. The band has since reformed and still tours.

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Plug Uglies

While most bands try to stick to the beaten path, the Plug Uglies have brought their music up in completely unfamiliar territory. Far away from the coasts from which ska is known, they are instead trying to carve out their own path amongst the predominantly country and indie scenes of the Mid-West. It is also from this isolation that they have found a unique sound that is even unlike any other ska band, with tunes ranging from upbeat and happy to darker and heavier. Combine that with the raw energy and attitude of punk rock, and you can see why people just cant help but move when they hear it.

The beginnings of the band can be traced back to two tiny little towns in the heart of Kansas, where everyone knew you by name and crop-dusting actually involved airplanes and crop. There, the core of the band first started playing music together alongside their studies. A little while later, they picked up a "trombonist" (who had never played trombone before) and started on their way to making the music they love. After high school, the members relocated themselves to the urban wasteland of Kansas City. After the initial culture shock (which left them in a coma for weeks), they came across the members who would eventually fill out the rest of their horn line. It is since this final addition that they have began to blossom into a fully-functioning professional music act.

Although their career is in the beginning stages, there is no limit to how far they can take their music with their tireless perseverance, outstanding musicianship, and their love of the music that they play. They do not expect or even care for fame but are driven by a desire to play their music for anyone who wants to take a listen. So, sit back, listen up, and spread the word. Plug Uglies will be in your city sometime soon.

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