Veda Rays (Record Release)

Veda Rays

Veda Rays are an alternative rock band whose style is a modern extension of traditional forms of dream pop, shoegaze & post punk. A sound that began to evolve in a Brooklyn basement as the group simultaneously filed through the ranks of the DIY scene, the group formed a unique voice. Experimental electronic elements add an atmospheric richness. The orchestral flourishes and texturally nuanced sonics at times broaden the scope into sprawling territories of post-rock. The lyrics and imagery often explore liminal spaces of abstraction and surreality, channeling subconscious impulses reacting to the present moment.

The band has been featured on such notable sites as Popmatters, My Old Kentuck Blog, Death and Taxes, Largehearted Boy, Consequence Of Sound, Sonicscoop, and The Big Takeover.

Operator Music Band

Operator's sound is marked by warbling analogue synthesizers, driving motorik beats and waves of feedback noise.

What ultimately defines their sound is their aesthetic malleability, the weaving of influences from krautrock to art pop to electronic minimalism, all while never appearing too serious, or too silly.


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