GreyMarket is a 2-piece electronic rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.

Influenced early on by the likes of Radiohead, Muse, and Led Zeppelin, drummer Michael Gargiulo and guitarist / vocalist Cave McCoy set about creating their own brand of epic rock music. Rather than disrupting their musical chemistry by trying to find other musicians with the same vision, the pair elected to fuse with laptop-powered electronics, adding sweeping strings, buzzing synths, and pounding sine-wave bass to their arsenal.

The band's single greatest asset is its ability to put on a compelling live show, fueled by commanding stage presence and technical innovation. In a close second place is the duo's commitment to self-sufficiency, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. This includes recording, mixing, and mastering their own material, booking their own tours, and creating and managing their web presence themselves.

Oftentimes, the band reflects its cinematic influences more than its musical ones. Though inflections of Supertramp, Gomez, and Genesis may creep through, more evident are the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and Star Wars. After all, every song should tell a story.


Austrian born and raised Connie Calcaterra and husband/guitarist Frank, lead Tampa, FL's DieAlps! (translated: The Alps!, pronounced dee-alps). Formed in 2012 and quickly becoming one of Central Florida's more beloved acts, the band's self-titled debut EP (Fall 2014) gave us swaying waltzy baroque-pop with lyrics reflecting Connie's growing up abroad and her life changes in the States.

Fast forward to 2017. The band, with Connie now splitting lead vocals duties with Frank, brings us their debut full length Our City. Spending the better part of 2016 in the studio, these new songs show a band
leaning heavily on 90's inspired indie rock and alternative while digging deep, getting personal and moving beyond the twee nature of the three quarter time signature.

Self recorded, engineered and produced by Frank at Tampa's Atomic Audio, calling the album 'more rock' would simply be an understatement. Our City definitely lands subtle jabs with songs like the surfy hometown homage title track and the punchy murder ballad “Get Yours” while occasionally keeping their waltz-y roots planted with “Battles”. On producing the album, he says "We wanted the album to have a 90s vibe...So when it came down to mixing, I found myself referencing everything from Pavement to Yuck, early Radiohead and The Shins."

2017 has seen the band touring the southeastern US with appearances on the festival circuit, including Secret Stages Music Discovery, Athens PopFest, Et Cultura and FL's The Fest.

Our City is out now on CD, Digital and limited yellow vinyl. 

"All in all, the record is as breezy as it is spirited and fits snuggly amidst other exhilarating pop records that wink at the uncomfortable realities of the human experience."
- Ghettoblaster

"Our City isn’t just an expansion of sound but a crystallization of aesthetic. With it, they’ve become probably the most exciting, complete and upward act on top Florida indie label New Granada Records right now."
- Orlando Weekly

"The Tampa-based band made an at times stunningly beautiful debut album with Our City. Spread across a dozen tracks, there is a strong ‘90s alt/college rock influence felt throughout, recalling everyone from The Sundays to Buffalo Tom."
- Blurt

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