High-Powered Alt-Country Rock Sound Delivered by some Blue-Collar Boys from Birmingham AL

Mixing gasoline and nitro would make a pretty impressive explosion, though nothing like the high-powered alt-country sound delivered by these blue-collar boys from Birmingham, Alabama. Described as “Southern-fried alt-law country,” Caddle draws on classic country and bluegrass influences, then supercharges them with a hard driving rock n‟ roll attitude.


Chris Simmons Band

Rock N Roll, Southern Soul, and Electric Blues from North Alabama

You want real American music.
American Rock n Roll, slow-smoked with Blues
and Soul, was born and nurtured in the South.
Chris Simmons and his band grew up and out of that heritage in North Alabama.

Songs and music, all from the heart...
Serviced with Dynamic Drivin' drums(Mikey D Williams),
Booming Velvet bass (Brad Baker),
Sweet Stingin' guitar pickin' and slidin' ...and Soul Singin' harmonies.
No new fangled electronic tricks here.

"You don't just hear it, it comes in through your soul."
There's power in the blood from this trio of homegrown southern gentlemen.
No certain style or rules..
you just know it's ROCK N ROLL and it's good music that means something
...and you know it because you can feel it.

The Chris Simmons Band is real music for real folks. So if you ain't real...
This ain't for you... Just stand back and try to move away slowly.

The Edmonds Butler Band

Southern soul/rock n roll from Birmingham AL

The Edmonds Butler Band, formerly known as the Elijah Butler Band is a working band steeped in blues southern rock and soul...

GreenLeaf Hustle

Rock N Roll from Birmingham AL



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