The Mary Jane Jones

The Mary Jane Jones

The Mary Jane Jones is led by singer/songwriter Mandy Pachios, and guitarist/arranger, Dan Thomas. Performing as a quartet in 2011, the band released their first EP, SHAKE, in 2013. Now a full-grown 9-piece band, The MJJ boasts rhythm and horn players from The Alchemystics, The Medicinal Purpose, Fat Bradley, and the Primate Fiasco.

$12 advanced / $15 door


The Bistro at Gateway City Arts is open until 10pm on show nights, during these events there is counter service and we are unable to take reservations. Due to the high volume of patrons entering for the show, we will be serving a special event menu. To find out more about our menu and dining hours, visit or call (413) 650-0786.

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