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The rock band Triple SP was formed in Fall 2010 in Fort Worth, TX by three friends, Brian Scheid, Derek Procter, and Alex Lanz, with the goal of writing intelligent songs about personal struggles and deep-rooted issues in human relationships. In June 2011, they released their first cd, "Transmissions", to critical acclaim in the local scene. It received an Honorable Mention for Best Local Album of the Year 2011 by the Fort Worth Weekly, a nomination in one of the Best Band categories in 2012, and the single "Step Aside" was featured on 97.1 The Eagle by Angela Chase on the Loud and Local show. During this time, the band gained a solid rock fan base and following as well as a reputation for their high-energy stage performances.

In the Summer of 2012, guitarist Bryan Motley joined, and the band worked hard on completing the writing and recording of their 2nd cd, "Disrupting the Harmony" at SessionWorks studios with producer Jeff Mount of Jefferson Colby fame. At the same time, they continued to hone their energetic stage show, gain a dedicated fan base, and solidify their reputation as one of the best, pure rock bands in Fort Worth. In the Spring of 2013 while completing the production of "Disrupting the Harmony", drummer Alex Lanz departed the band, and Saluda cymbal-endorsed drummer and friend Jacob Bobo joined, then in November of 2013 Bryan Motley decided that he wanted to take a hiatus from the band and Brad McCain transitioned in the his role to complete the rock quartet puzzle.

In June 2013, "Disrupting the Harmony" was released by B.A.A.R. records to critical acclaim by local critics and their dedicated fan base. The 14-song, hour-long cd stays true to their rock roots with classic songs like "Symptom", "Alone", and "Lost", while showing off their melodic musicianship with the uplifting "You Can Be Anyone", piano-based rock ballad "Tonight", and the classic epic 15 minute "The Sweet Life". Now available on iTunes, the new album is already an instant, local rock classic, and poised for even more accolades!

Then Brad McCain joined.
Then we wrote and recorded Dear Payton.


Formed in 2016 AlterBlood introduces a new age of power metal and heavy rock.

Heavy music for cruising the path. Be ready for ~**NEW TUNES**~ coming soon..


Sapphire is a culmination of ideas and ingredients from different genres within the rock DNA. As artists we all appreciate all of the diverse flavors that music has to offer. (Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae and even Classical.) As long as we all dig it and like playing it, NOTHING is off the table. Our sets will be indicative of this as no two songs sound the same.



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