With wild minimalism and sharp wit, BODEGA revitalizes the rock and roll vocabulary under the influence of post punk, contemporary pop, hip-hop, kraut rock, and folk-derived narrative songwriting.

With the eyes of filmmakers, Ben Hozie (guitar, vocals) and Nikki Belfiglio (vocals) turn the documentary on themselves, finding the political in the personal. Formerly of prankster rock collective Bodega Bay, known for its outlandish critical stunts, their blend of essay and confession bears witness to the harsh poetry of being human in the digital age.

Joined by Montana Simone (drums), Madison Velding-Vandam (guitar) and Heather Elle (bass), BODEGA are unveiling their debut single, "How Did This Happen ?!," a standout from their many live shows around New York City. Accompanying the single is a 360-degree interactive video showcasing the band's unique live performance.

"How Did This Happen ?!" is the first song from BODEGA's forthcoming debut album due out this summer. It was recorded and produced by Austin Brown (Parquet Courts) on the same Tascam 388 tape machine used for their LP Light Up Gold. It was mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke at Dr. Wu's.

"The syncopated drums are to die for. The guitar is present, clear and tasteful. The keys carry the necessary moods. And the vocals hold your hand throughout the experience."
- Alex D, In The Record Store

""“CHIMES,” their new single, is a wonderfully smooth song that shows evidence of a band that is destined to do great things. Christian’s hauntingly suave vocals drive an elegantly layered backing track that sounds like it was produced by a band well into their prime. The song is vocally reminiscent of Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of The Neighbourhood, but with more grit and more range. Bobbing your head to this song is inevitable and is a sign that Mister Moon succeeded in creating a great track." - Stefano Todaro, Vinyl Venue

"The disc opens with the droning "Waste," an atmospheric tune that features hushed vocals. The Alt-J-like "Peer" benefits from perky synths and rattling percussion. Consisting of two drummers, two keyboardists and two guitars, the band plays sonically lush melodies."- Jeff Niesel, Cleveland Scene Magazine.

The Movies is a jangle-rock band formed in the countryside of Vermont by songwriter Will Cuneo. After making one DIY record there, 2015's "Wanna," he relocated to Chicago, where he met Sarah Cuturic (bass, vox). They started singing together. Then, after a brief stint living in a trailer in the French countryside, The Movies settled in Cleveland. Their sound is a blend of twangy power-pop and spare, contemplative slow-core.

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