Ryan McLaughlin

Singer/Songwriter from Tulsa, OK.
Semi-Finalist in Unsigned Only 2016

Based in Los Angeles, James Price is a singer-songwriter bent on exploring his Texas roots, love of heartland folk rock, and knack for piano-driven pop.

Price's most recent release, "There Is a Light," was released at the end of 2015 as a single to help raise money for the Stillwater Medical Foundation.

In the fall of 2013, Price released his first full-length album, "The Traveler." "This record showcases how I've evolved as a songwriter," Price said. "From all-out, dynamic rock to intimate, vulnerable acoustic movements, ‘The Traveler’ takes the listener through my own journey."

In 2008, Price entered a local recording studio to capture his integrated sound in a six-song E.P., "Beacon." The record highlights the versatility in his style by including songs ranging from grooving pop rock to purely unadulterated ballads.

Both albums are available on multiple platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.

James Price is currently working on his newest project, "The Changing Tide," which will be released Fall 2017.

Laur Emmer

Tulsa singer songwriter



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