Musician / artist from Los Angeles, CA.

Marco McKinnis

Monique Atreece Zahir, better known as M/\Z and TenderTones , is a multi-genre artist and song writer from Cleveland, Ohio. Her sound and tonality, based in soul and experimental sonics, along with her ever-changing aesthetic have thrust her into a universe of loyal listeners and broad ranging tastemakers.

She has garnered considerable buzz from various independent single releases. M/\Z’ relationship with music dates back to her father, also a musician, and his studio, where her first visit as a 1 year old resulted in her picking up a loose microphone and gurgling into it. From there, exploration of sound began.

Following M/\Z's release of her debut EP "Pale Moon" she has seduced numerous crowds and venues from LA to CHI to NYC and has gained backing from a live band featuring her most recent collaborator, Sun A'marri as lead guitar, Peter D'cruz juggling bass and keyboard & Dante foley of Mourning A BLKstar on percussion. ( see their upcoming shows HERE )
Forth coming album and collaboration entitled "Eclipse" with artist/musician Sun A'marri is the latest chapter of this sonic fantasy and a deeper dive into her world,



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