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Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West is an instrumental electronic infused rock band from CT. Initially, Wess Meets West was intended to be solely an electronic music project by Sam Stauff (My Holy Ghost, A Paper Tugboat). The project stayed this way until 2008 when bassist Bryan Gottshall and drummer Jesse Vengrove were recruited enabling the project to become a live band. In early 2010, bassist Erick Alfisi (ex-Forget Paris, A Paper Tugboat) and drummer Brian DiCrescenzo (ex-The Ghost Sonata, The Attending) joined to keep the project going in a live setting. With new members came a new sound and a new direction for the band. The culmination of these factors is the band's newest endeavor, "Chevaliers". "Chevaliers" is the band's most expansive effort, combining the creative influence of all the members, past and present, while pushing the sound to its furthest limitations. The ever-expanding lineup has recently grown to include Mike Howard and Nick Robinson. Wess Meets West will continue to explore new musical territories and tour the northeast in 2012.


Three-piece mellow math-rock

The Refectory

The Refectory play a unique brand of progressive grunge. With a sound both full and expansive they evolve and weave through each song, leaving you in a familiar place you haven't heard before. Forming at the Western Connecticut border, the band combines the dissonance of conflict with the subtlety of pensive reflection, blending into a sound entirely their own.

Ourselves, Alone

Ourselves, Alone is the result of longtime collaboration between Nick Restivo and Mike Cueto.
They met at a work meeting because Nick was wearing a Don Cab shirt and Mike made it known that Don Cab was one of his favorite bands.
Jamming ensued and they produced a decent amount of material to play with.
Fast forward almost two years later... Mike and Nick had a few songs ready to record and Mike's kind of cousin in law offered to produce them.
After helping Mike write bass parts, Steve was offered the opportunity to stand in as permanent bassist, and he took it.
Ourselves, Alone is currently wrapping up a three song ep produced by Steve Perez that will be ready just in time for Summer's long car rides.
Keep your ears to the ground.



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