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Erick Northrop

Erick began a solo career in early 2015 so he could be in control of his signature sound, what some have described as "a country song with heavy metal undertones." Says the singer-songwriter, "If you love Johnny Cash and Metallica then your music should reflect that without fear of musical persecution.” Casting an unpretentious no frills image on stage, he plays an acoustic guitar slung low with ripped jeans, singing about the love he has for his woman and his Mom minus the clichés of tractors, trucks and cold beer. Erick is a young artist with an old soul, writing the songs he has lived and loved. This is his first album, recorded in April 2018.

Known as “the Nunz,” his most recent album Album OWN TRIP was produced and arranged by Eric Lichter of Dirt Floor Studios CT. The songs run the gamut from the heavenly realms to mean streets of love and pain. Think Krishna Das meets Bruce Springsten or John Lennon and the Bauls of Bengal. Open yourself wide open and you will be transported and transformed.

Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett is a diverse singer/songwriter based in West Haven, CT. His songs are fun, insightful and groovy.

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