Michigander is an indie rock act from west Michigan that has been gaining a lot of momentum after the release of our debut single “Nineties”. The song is in regular rotation on dozens of college radio stations around the country, and has been featured on official Spotify playlists including "Indie All Stars" and "Viral Hits" accumulating well over 300,000 plays in less than 9 months.

In the past year, we've performed with such acts as Ra Ra Riot, JR JR, Tokyo Police Club, Boy & Bear, and Steve Moakler. .

Around all of our accomplishments at home, Michigander hit the road this fall for their first round of extended touring, playing 30+ shows out of state across most of the eastern half of the United States, mostly in support of Mike Mains. We've also released sessions with Daytrotter, SoFar Sounds, and Real Feels.

Cory Taylor Cox

We all have collections. Yours could be baseball cards, or beanie babies, tattoos, or bad habits. Cory Taylor Cox collects memories and shows them off through his music, influenced by time spent in cities with a soulful history like Muscle Shoals and Memphis. Encouraged by time spent on the road, from singing in all-state youth choir to touring with pop-punk and Americana bands, Cory holds on to memories of vinyl records, Pink Floyd and the Eagles, stashed away in the top of his father’s closet. The quaintness of every coffee shop that exchanged craft-caffeine for acoustic serenades, every hardcore metal band that let him open an all-ages show with emo songs, or folk songs, or whatever, to every PBR-soaked, party-rock, electric guitar cat-call, these are the collections of Cory Taylor Cox.

Tyler Bennett

Tyler Bennett is an anagram for Tyler Bennett that has been rearranged back into his real name. He refuses to talk about himself seriously and may or may not be feeding you false information for his own entertainment. Fortunately, he plays music and one's intentions are always hardest to hide in art. So I hope you enjoy the musical works of Tyler Bennett: Honest moments from a man who refutes honesty.

Sean Knisely began his career in a rich emerging music community in West Virginia. As the frontman of rock/electronic band Attack Flamingo, Knisely shared the stage with bands that would later evolve into Rozwell Kid and the backing band for Tyler Childers.

In 2011, Knisely began working on solo material as Wilbur By The Sea with a more introspective acoustic approach, playing shows with Sidekicks, Childers, Ona frontman Bradley Jenkins, Gasoline Heart and William Matheny.

At the same time, he helped form Coyotes in Boxes as their guitarist, relocating to Nashville in 2013 and digging into the Athens, GA music scene while continuing to play with WV bands like Ona, Matheny and Sly Roosevelt.

Meanwhile, Knisely continued recording as Wilbur By The Sea, touring in support of a split EP in 2014 with The Grossly Illuminated in a hybrid acoustic/electronic style.

He released the Young Elite single in late 2016 under his own name (the first such release of his career) with a more heavily electronic sound. He is currently working on two albums: one in a more minimal acoustic style, and one with the electronic hybrid approach of Young Elite.



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