Dizzy Box Nine, Daisycutter, Bright Eyed Kids, The Somebodies

Dizzy Box Nine

Dizzy Box Nine is an indie-pop- rock band out of Southern California. They play melodic, radio-friendly pop songs that have nearly instant appeal. The lyrics are clever and tight, and the instrumentation is dynamic and full. Dizzy Box Nine has been influenced by a variety of musical styles, over a broad range of genres—from Blink 182 and MXPX, to the Cars, The Gin Blossoms, Train, and Tom Petty. Their music is straightforward pop-rock with splashes of pop-punk sprinkled into the mix.
Singer-guitarist, and band creator, Randy Ludwig, claims that this eclecticism is what helps give Dizzy Box Nine their signature sound. “We have been inspired by all kinds of music, and this clearly shows in our songs,” Randy states. There are no fillers here. Randy lives by the phrase “start fast”. And, these songs reflect that. They captivate, energize, and even, inspire the listener, from the very first second of the record, to the very last one. One thing is quite clear: the debut record from Dizzy Box Nine is a well-put together record with something for everyone.


It's Rock'n'Roll mother F**kers.

Bright Eyed Kids

Bright Eyed Kids is a powerful yet dreamy three piece Synth rock power trio based in LA. The band members are Jonathan Marquez (Keys, Synth Bass, Lead Vocals) Alex Bajos (Guitars, Vocals) Argo Cota (Drums, Vocals) The band was formed in 2013 has spent the last 5 years creating a truly unique sound and concept. The have recently finished their first EP “Truth About Things” and were privileged to have it mixed by Phil Vinall who has worked with the likes of Radiohead, Placebo, Pulp, Black Sabbath, Snow Patrol, and XTC to name a few. They are currently working on their next EP and are playing frequently in LA and surrounding cities. 

The Somebodies

The Somebodies are a trio from Long Beach Ca.  There music blazes a trail between genre a mixture that teeters between the known and unknown.  Think of a mixture of David Bowie, Prince, Hendrix, Marley and even a little Chopin.  Their shows are tight musically and exciting with soulful vocals and three part harmonies.  Their songs cover a wide range of social issues, religion, politics and even personal experiences.  In a world full of cliche and straight out weakness, the Somebodies are a breath of fresh air.  Who knew that three could be so magical. 
The Somebodies are:
Bry Sco: Lead Vocals, Guitar and piano
Petey Wheat: Vocals and Bass
Ceevon: Vocals and Drums



  • 9:30 -   Daisycutter
  • 10:15 - Dizzy Box Nine
  • 11:15 - Bright Eyed Kids
  • 12:15 - The Somebodies

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