Rocky Mountain Beard Bout 5

Rocky Mountain Beard and Mustache Club

BEARD BOUT 5 COMES TO FORT COLLINS! Come see the finest facial hair from around the nation on show! 12 categories, 5 judges, 1 amateur MC, one. epic. night!

When: June 9th 2018
Where: Hodi's Half Note, Old Town Fort Collins, CO

MC: Greg Rittner

Natural Moustache
Styled Moustache - This includes freestyle moustache
Partial Beard Natural - This includes all styles of partial beard with no product assistance (chops, goatee, whaler, etc.)
Partial Beard Styled - This includes all styles of partial beard with product assistance (styled chops, imperial, musketeer, etc.)
Business Beard - A groomed category at 4" or less measured from the bottom of the lip
Full Beard Natural 4"-10"
Full Beard Natural 10"+
Full Beard Styled Moustache
Full Beard Freestyle
Rocky Mountain 60-Minute Speed Style - 60 minute live freestyle
Whiskerina Moustache
Whiskerina Beard"

$10 Advance / $25 Day of Show


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